Leader in Organic and M&A Growth for Small- to Mid-Cap Manufacturing & Distribution

Growth driver who uses metrics-based strategy and high-EQ people leadership to excel in any market. Consistently realizes double-digit gains in turnaround, M&A, and organic growth scenarios. Brings frank, fresh eyes to global organizations, quickly identifying the best next steps and how to get there. Known for growing businesses domestically and across borders, having lived and worked extensively in-country. Cross-functional strengths in business development and operations—including business intelligence infrastructure and Lean methodology—yields consistent top- and bottom-line improvements, especially in environments that depend on efficient manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution.

Career Snapshot

POSITRONIC INDUSTRIES, Springfield, MO 2009 to Present
Board Member: Only outside advisor to new generation of owners at privately held manufacturer. Collaborated with leaders to augment successful entrepreneurial culture with structured, metrics-based initiatives. Helped in hiring new CFO, COO, and VP of Sales. Together, implemented ERP, consolidated banking and cash flow, closed ancillary businesses to focus on prime market, implemented Lean, hired market research partner, and addressed root causes of market share shrinkage. Company’s powerful reputation and operations are now global.

DRIV-LOK, Sycamore, IL 2004 to Present
Board Member: Contributed governance oversight during ownership transition of private engineering and manufacturing company—a leader in fastener solutions for the world’s leading manufacturing companies. Partnered with new owner/CEO to create strategies for a high-value exit and recommended VP of Marketing who became a critical piece of the succession plan, poised to take over leadership as president.

FAIRRINGTON, Bolingbrook, IL 2010 to 2015
President: Held P&L accountability for total $750M+ operation (inclusive of client-owned, onsite inventory). Grew EBITDA 2X and revenue 46%, maximizing return from shrinking mail-delivery logistics industry while opening up new offerings via multimillion-dollar joint venture, and evaluated $120M in strategic acquisitions.

REYCO GRANNING, Mt. Vernon, MO 2004 to 2010
President: As 6th president in 7 years, reversed 7-year loss trend to realize profit for multinational conglomerate owner, $400M Tuthill Corp. Grew revenue 38% and upped market position from 11th to 4th while nearly doubling margin and realizing 98% quality improvement.

Early Career

FortéONE / eCOMMERCE DYNAMICS: As interim CEO/consultant, realized rapid results and developed long-term growth plans for private equity, startups, and private companies. Consistently delivered single- to triple-digit improvements in diverse environments.

NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION EXCHANGE (NTE): Founded, raised $83M in funding for, and managed world’s 1st B2B ecommerce business, what has become known as SaaS. Brought revolutionary new business platform to 1.2K global transportation and retail clients, growing revenue, and building a world-class management team and succession plan.

THE HAVI GROUP: Joined 9 months after startup and played leadership role in growing from $45M to $3B. Expanded footprint to Asia, living and working in Hong Kong, Manila, and Singapore. Expanded domestically, starting up 2 US distribution centers and earning “Highest Performance” vendor designation from McDonald’s.

Featured Testimonials

In 2009 I decided to originate an advisory board to help me become better at what I do. A very good friend of mine recommended that I consider Greg for a position on the board. I was told that Greg had a phenomenal business mind and based on the recommendation I asked Greg if he would participate. I consider myself very fortunate that Greg agreed to help me. While we have never elected a chair of the board Greg quickly became the leader. But he did so quietly, with professionalism, and in a manner in which he immediately earned the respect of everyone on the board. Greg has a way of asking the right questions, cutting to the core of a problem, simplifying it, and then of course solving it. Afterwards I wonder why it was a problem in the first place; the answer seems so easy now. My experience with Greg has been that he has excellent people skills, is a wonderful motivator, and a tremendous problem solver. It is easy for me to see how he has achieved the success he has had and I am sure he will bring continued success to himself and those associated with him.
Dan ScottInvestment AdvisorCascade Financial Management, Inc.