Fairrington Transportation Corporation

President – 2010-2015

At Fairrington, we’ve been providing world-class logistic services since 1981. Over that time, we’ve continued to develop and hone a toolbox full of services that have shown to consistently increase response rates and lower costs. With our state-of-the-art command center, we’re able to manage and monitor your project throughout the entire delivery process, so your mail gets in the right hands at the right time, every time. We own a 97% on-time delivery rate.

  • Redeveloped the leadership team.
  • Introduced Lean Enterprise (Manufacturing) to the company permitting a reduction of labor and SG&A (35%).
  • Conducted Value Stream Mapping to simplify internal processes and improve customer service.
  • Positioned the company in light manufacturing as an added Value Stream for existing market.
  • Developed the Vision, Mission, Values and Branding.
  • Developed the technology roadmap to migrate from obsolete, legacy systems.
  • Nearly doubled market share.

Reyco Granning, A Tuthill Company

Division President – 2004-2010

Tuthill Corporation is a Burr Ridge, IL based multi-national holding company for manufacturing businesses. Their heavy-duty automotive suspension division had been struggling and was in need of change.

  • Redeveloped the management team, vision, mission and branding to inspire enthusiasm among the employees and in the marketplace on a business model that grew the business 20% in each of the first two years.
  • Personally engaged with key customers. Resulted in securing long term supply agreements.
  • Redefined supply strategy to reduce costs and align suppliers with our success. Successfully expanded supply lines from China. Decreased inventory by 24%.
  • Implemented Lean Manufacturing, linking and flowing processes with Standard Work and Visual Controls designed to remove waste. I led a transformation of our plants, making them a showcase for prospective customers. Our shop-floor Teamster employees gave the tours and explained their processes, earning high credibility with visitors.
  • Consolidated four plants into two to improve asset utilization, reduce fixed costs and increase ROA.
  • Developed a pricing strategy designed to increase margin (achieved 65% improvement with room to grow), reduce costs (labor, overhead and inventory carrying cost), and improve lead time to the customer.
  • From 2007 – 2009, the heavy duty automotive industry we served receded an average of over 65%. We stayed ahead of that decline. In 2008 and 2009, we had 18 of our most profitable months ever in operating profits and cash flow, while maintaining an aggressive R&D plan and high morale.
  • Implemented a financial forecasting model that accurately predicted our monthly performance on a weekly basis. This enabled our team to be proactive in decision-making that would mitigate problems and take advantage of opportunities. This created a very powerful, high-performing culture.


Interim CEO – 2002-2004

ForteCEO is a firm that provides experienced CEO’s to businesses requiring interim, transitional leadership.

  • Joined firm as the youngest of the CEO consultants and one of the core twelve. Was identified by the Owner as the thought-leader of the group for identifying and implementing a strategic marketing and channel marketing program for the firm. Results included revised Vision and Mission statements, Targeted Marketing strategy, ASP Application for clients, and Channel Marketing program with the largest organization of CEO’s in the world.
  • Worked with the client’s management team of a specialty distributor to secure a leadership position in the market and build the company’s EBITDA and value for a planned sale of the company. Improved EBITDA by 140%, reduced inventory 25% to 45 days, improved gross margin by 8% and improved service level by 20%. Company is well on its way to reaching goal as the number one firm in its industry.

e-Commerce Dynamics, Inc.

CEO – 2000-2002

e-Commerce Dynamics provided strategic consulting for companies trying to develop a B2B e-commerce business platform.

  • Developed strategic plan for a Japanese client e-TreX. The goal was to build an e-commerce joint venture between two of the largest logistics firms in the country. Worked with the chairman and management team to develop strategic vision, mission, financial plan, marketing plan and execution plan. As a result, I led the joint venture to develop a functional specification for the required technology to perform as intended for their marketplace.
  • Developed a proprietary 26-point business assessment process that focuses the management team on the greatest risks and opportunities in the business.  This has been a proven tool for building strong and sustainable businesses.

The National Transportation Exchange

President / CEO / Founder – 1993-2000

  • Founded The National Transportation Exchange, the first company recognized in the B2B e-commerce market. Business model was an end-to-end airline reservation system for freight and trucks. I managed all aspects of the business, including venture capital financing in order to secure the right amount of money at the right times for the company. Raised over $65mm from blue chip organizations, Angel investors, venture capitalists and obtained 5 rounds of funding. NTE became the most well-known company in the logistics e-commerce arena and serves shippers and carriers even today.

CarCare Enterprises, Inc.

President / CEO – 1989-1993

  • Led the country’s second largest franchise of Jiffy Lubes, consisting of 26 independent stores. Despite the bankruptcy of the franchisor and a highly competitive price/customer environment, both of which caused a serious negative cash flow in the company, successfully grew sales by 15%, reduced service claims by 80%, and reduced employee turnover by 70%. Introduced new product lines and regained a positive cash flow keeping the firm profitable and viable.

Chicago ADI Co-op Association, Inc.

President – 1990-1993

  • Served as President of the Chicago area advertising co-op for 71 Jiffy Lube franchises. Convinced other franchisees to invest in the organization despite intense margin pressure in a highly competitive environment. Developed a team to turn the struggling organization around by generating annual income of $1.5 MM, negotiating vendor debt in half and developing an aggressive marketing campaign to build trust and customer loyalty. The marketing campaign broke the back of our largest competitor.

The Havi Corporation

General Manager – 1981-1989

HAVI is a global supply chain manager for McDonalds, founded in 1974. From sourcing, to packaging, pricing, distribution, marketing promotions, and much more, Havi is the largest supplier to McDonalds in the world.

  • Started a business unit in Singapore to manage the supply chain for McDonald’s. The operation included inbound logistics from the US and Australia, as well as local suppliers. Operation also included a bakery to produce hamburger buns to McDonald’s specification for use in Singapore and other SE Asian McDonald’s markets.
  • Started a business unit in Whitewater, WI to manage the logistics for McDonald’s. Unique circumstance was the requirement to start the operation at a $70mm run rate with all new staff, equipment and building. All start-up objectives were achieved and the business unit was awarded the highest performance honors from McDonald’s within the first year. Start-up challenges included a significant labor issue, which the company and employees overwhelmingly won.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Kemper Scholar – 2001

  • I was invited to participate in a three-month closed seminar of business leaders and academicians funded by The Kemper Foundation and hosted by Elmhurst College. The purpose was to study business ethics and identify, if possible, a corporate infrastructure to help companies develop and maintain business ethics integrity. I synthesized the model that was adopted by the group and will be used by future groups for testing against case studies.