Greg and I met when we were in a CEO roundtable group together (then TEC, now Vistage). His experience as a CEO runs the entire range from startups to well-established companies, and from small companies to large. He has also done some turnaround work. During the time we shared in our TEC group, Greg stood out from the other CEOs. He was a leader among leaders. The counsel he offered to other members of the group was always intelligent, insightful, and demonstrated a great depth of business experience and knowledge. I cannot imagine a position Greg might seek in the future for which I could not give him my strongest recommendation.

Andy RockwoodRock Solid Business Development

I had the pleasure of working for Greg for two and a half years. While working for Greg I was privilaged to learn a tremedous amont on how the financials work and how to determine what affects the bottom line. Greg is a strong leader with great vision for success and created a team that was dedicated and willing to support his wants. I would work for Greg again if the opportunity would ever present itself in the future.

Brien ScheffeeVice President Power VehiclesReyco Granning

Greg has a unique ability to see the big picture, organize an outstanding team with unique abilities to sieze the opportunity, and then equip and enable them to be successful. His tenacity and determination are unruffled and his ability to lead, encourage and challenge are remarkable.

Chuck ThomasPresidentCTCreative, Inc.

I have known Greg for approximately 5 years and would easily say he is one of the most knowledgeable business people I have ever met along wtih being an outstanding person. He is a strategic thinker, with a diverse background in business. I have learned a lot from Greg over these past few years. Greg and I also know each other quite well personally, and I have always found him to have the utmost integrity with business and personal relationships.

Dale DonatArchitectural Metal, Stone & Wood Refinishing

I linked up with Greg at the first SAMA Executive Round Table meeting. From the first meeting to the last one we attended, I found Greg Rocque interesting, engaged, and very much at ease with a group of peers. Greg is uniquely blessed with a great mind and sound leadership qualities and he is consistently one of the nicest folks I ever had the pleasure to meet. I endorse Greg Rocque. He is a fine person, sound leader, good thinker, and a valued friend.

Dale McIntoshPresident/GMCustom Powder Systems/ICS/McIntosh Holdings

In 2009 I decided to originate an advisory board to help me become better at what I do. A very good friend of mine recommended that I consider Greg for a position on the board. I was told that Greg had a phenomenal business mind and based on the recommendation I asked Greg if he would participate. I consider myself very fortunate that Greg agreed to help me. While we have never elected a chair of the board Greg quickly became the leader. But he did so quietly, with professionalism, and in a manner in which he immediately earned the respect of everyone on the board. Greg has a way of asking the right questions, cutting to the core of a problem, simplifying it, and then of course solving it. Afterwards I wonder why it was a problem in the first place; the answer seems so easy now.

My experience with Greg has been that he has excellent people skills, is a wonderful motivator, and a tremendous problem solver. It is easy for me to see how he has achieved the success he has had and I am sure he will bring continued success to himself and those associated with him.

Dan ScottInvestment AdvisorCascade Financial Management, Inc.

I have known Greg for many years and have always found him to be a pleasure to work with as well as being accurate and dependable. I give Greg Rocque an extremely positive and whole hearted recommendation.

Dan Venturi

I have had the opportunity to work with Greg in his role as a board member for Positronic Industries. He has used his skills and background to help us develop and act on a formalize strategic plan. This plan has given us a clear vision and mission for the future.

Ed HopkinsChief Operating OfficerPositronic Industries

It has been a pleasure working with Greg. He is a bright and results-oriented business leader who has a clear grasp of both the financial and operational aspects of the business he manages. His professional demeanor and team-oriented approach tend to bring out the best in those working with him.

Gary SchaferAssurance PartnerBKD, LLP

Greg has been a board advisor to our company since I acquired it four years ago. Prior to that Greg and I were in Vistage together. During those eight years Greg and I got to know each other quite well. We share the same values and he is a brilliant business man. He is excellent at operation and financial controls while making sure the stategic direction is sound.

Gary SeegersPresidentDriv-Lok, Inc.

As the Lead Auditor for the registrar certifying Reyco Granning’s Quality Management System, I noted the significant impact Greg Rocque had in improving organizational performance. His leadership style encourages employee involvement and promotes a positive work environment. Mr. Rocque has a clear vision of what needs to be accomplished and an effective method of communicating that vision to rank and file.

Greg HuntLead AuditorKEMA Registered Quality

I had the great opportunity to work with Greg for 5 years at Tuthill. During that time, Greg brought together the spirit and passion of all the employees to bring success to the business. During Greg’s leadership, the division’s infrastructure was put in place with well documented processes necessary to bring success to the business. Any organization would be stronger with Greg on board.

Irene SchaeferProduct ManagerO'Reilly Auto Parts

I have known Greg for the past three years while we managed seperate lines of business for Tuthill. During this time I have been impressed with the passion, dedication and optimism from which he lead his team. He well communicated his vision and he stayed the path for all to follow. Along with a great business acumen, Greg brings a lot of heart and soul.

Jeff BehlingPresident and CEOStauff Corporation

Greg has a great ability to provide leadership, structure and strategic direction to an organization, where it did not exist before. He is committed to providing excellence to his customers in quality and service, and is focused on meeting the expectations of his stakeholders.

Jim AhlbornSenior Vice President Finance and Chief Financial OfficerShure Incorporated

It has been my pleasure to know Greg Rocque both professionally and personally. We both served on the board of directors of the Southwest Area Manufacturer’s Association. During that time I was able to visit Greg at Reyco Granning and personally witness his and his team’s impact on their manufacturing business. Their application of and dedication to lean manufacturing practices was very effective and successful. Greg is a strong business leader and inspires those around him to be their best.

On a personal level I have know Greg to be a very personable individual of strong morale character. I am proud to count him as my friend.

I strongly recommend Greg for any position that he feels qualified to pursue and I welcome the opportunity for further discussion regarding his abilities.

Jim ConleyCo-OwnerComputer Recycling Center, LLC

I have known and worked with Greg for nearly 10 years. Our first meetings were working together on a manufacturing industry board of directors. I quickly realized Greg had invaluable international business experience, a keen ability to identify problems, and the leadership skills to find solutions. Since then, he has joined the board of my mid-cap family owned private company. In that capacity, he brings his level-headed approach to problem solving.

For a company that is ready to improve its culture, its performance and it’s bottom line, I believe Greg possesses the tools to achieve the results.

John GentryPresidentPositronic Industries

It has been my pleasure to have known Greg since 1990. We were both Presidents/CEO’s of our respective company. As a leader, Greg leaves in his wake both results and people who have been on an adventure and are valued and who are ready for more. Whatever organization Greg is a part of, he gives it his all. Early in getting to know him, I was always impressed by how well he understood the nuances of the financial and accounting dimensions of business. Greg never thinks small. He always looks at ways of maximizing whatever organization he is a part of. He has a natural affinity for creating a vision and then being able to talk about it in such a way that people want to follow him to see that vision become a reality. He brings leadership – the kind that maximizes his team… A strong, steady leader. Any organization he is a part of is doubly blessed!

John StobPresident and CEOSpeedway Disposal & Recycling, Inc

I’ve had the privilege of working with Greg at two different companies now. Greg is a true entrepreneur – always looking for creative ways to lead his teams to find new markets or to develop existing ones. Most recently, while with Tuthill, Greg came into a business environment where few business processes existed. Through the deployment of Lean Manufacturing, Radical Leadership and creating a market brand around Quality, Value, Availability and Innovation Greg was able to lay a foundation that would position Tuthill Transport Technologies for future sustainable growth. Undoubtedly, Greg will leverage this experience in the next venture supporting ongoing success.

Lynn EngelVP of SalesFairrington Transportation

I have had the opportunity work with Greg since 2010 when he joined Fairrington Transportation, a logistics provider to Brown Printing Company. Greg demonstrates honesty and integrity in all of his business dealings, treating his customers as business partners. He is a good listener and focuses on developing solutions to customer problems in a way that will benefit the company he represents, even when it involves bold steps his company has not pursued in the past. From an outsiders prospective, Greg does an excellent job of creating a company vision, ensuring clear alignment of goals between all participants and hold all parties responsible for their respective results. I have truly enjoyed to opportunity to work with Greg and Fairrington Transporation.

Mike AmundsonPresidentMC Imports, LLC

I had the opportunity to work for Greg over a period of 4 years while at NTE. A dynamic, outgoing leader who was extremely passionate about his company and those who worked with him to build the business! Greg’s outgoing personality, his ability to lead and manage, along with his uncanny knack for seeing the market opportunity and to run with it, earned my respect for him and friendship along the way. I would highly recommend Greg as he seeks his next leadership position and would welcome any inquiries from anyone looking to have Greg join their organization.

Mike UdermannSupply Chain/Logistics/Transportation Executive

Greg Rocque is a probably the best CEO I have ever met and I have worked with hundreds. He is extraordinarily bright and accomplishes extraordinary results. I have known his almost 20 years as he has progressed through his career as owner and most recently as CEO of a large manufacturing company. His analytical skills, people skills, financial analysis skills, expertise at process and procedures and his vision are impressive and become readily apparent after talking to him for a few minutes. I would want him heading up my team anytime. Finally he is a very nice person, very devoted to faith and family. Anyone who has a chance to work with him will be glad they do.

Norris L. BerenExecutive Coach / Speaker / Author / Media Contributor Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing and Service Industries

I have had the privilege of knowing Greg for many years. Greg has the amazing ability to blend intellect and strong work ethic with an easy, approachable demeanor. He is a polished professional who always exudes a “can-do” attitude. In addition to our long-standing friendship, I had the privilege of working with Greg in providing guidance in a college-planning related environment. Greg’s admirable sense of propriety related to the care of his family, sense of humor and communication style made working together a pleasure. I am honored to call Greg a friend and colleague and would highly recommend him as candidates like Greg are a rare find today.

Pam VallePrincipal ConsultantValle Educational Consultants

Greg is a leader with vision. I worked with him for nearly 3 years and found Greg to be approachable and engaging. Greg sought to inspire others to reach for more than they thought they could achieve while keeping a firm footing in what he wanted to create. Insightful. Challenging. He has a charismatic presence that commands respect along with a charming demeanor that calls others to want to take ownership in building the future.

Roanen BarronSales, Marketing & Leadership ConsultingBarron PCS

Greg is a visionary, business savvy professional with a charismatic personality. Greg’s leadership abilities are strong and he is an articulate communicator who has the ability to influence people. I have found Greg to possess an entrepreneurial spirit with the desire to make things happen. He has much to offer and will most assuredly have impact on a company!

Tammy RabyHuman Resources DirectorConvoy of Hope

Greg Rocque was my peer Group President for over 5 years. I personally found his counsel and judgement an invaluable asset. His skillful leadership and deep experience saved a very challenged business at Reyco Granning.

Terence WoganPresident & CEOIronform

I have known Greg Rocque for over ten years and he has been a client, a colleague and a friend over this length of time. Because of his sheer likability and many talents, I have done my best to find as many ways to co-create with him as I can. John Stob, a friend of mine, colleague and business owner recently said of Greg — “He is one of the brightest business men I have ever known and I have known many brilliant men.” Greg has high standards for doing business in integrity, creatively and with excellence. He is a rare commodity nowadays…he is a gentleman. Kudos to those who have the opportunity to know and work with him.

Therese KienastExecutive Coach and FounderRadical Leadership

I had the pleasure of working with Greg for 8 years in a TEC CEO group with 13 other CEO’s. Greg is an accomplished business person, skilled in virtually all areas of running companies. His ability to truly understand financial reports and trending was superior to every other CEO in our group. I would highly recommend Greg for almost any top level position.

Todd RiekeOwnerROI

I worked with Greg at Christ Church of Oak Brook as he helped the senior ministry team make strategic decisions. Greg is an excellent strategic thinker. He was able to observe the strengths and weeaknesses of the team and recommend changes that are benefiting us today, nearly 6 years later.

His experiences in logistics and manufacturing give him unique advantages as a manager. Working with his family business, he supported food establishments domestically and internationally.

Greg is also a man of great integrity. His faith influences every aspect of his life. He is a person with whom I would share a fox hole in the field of battle. His humor and his sense of perspective make every problem managable.

I highly recommend Greg in for a general management position.

Tom MallonOwnerRegent Surgical Health