Dan Scott

In 2009 I decided to originate an advisory board to help me become better at what I do. A very good friend of mine recommended that I consider Greg for a position on the board. I was told that Greg had a phenomenal business mind and based on the recommendation I asked Greg if he would participate. I consider myself very fortunate that Greg agreed to help me. While we have never elected a chair of the board Greg quickly became the leader. But he did so quietly, with professionalism, and in a manner in which he immediately earned the respect of everyone on the board. Greg has a way of asking the right questions, cutting to the core of a problem, simplifying it, and then of course solving it. Afterwards I wonder why it was a problem in the first place; the answer seems so easy now.

My experience with Greg has been that he has excellent people skills, is a wonderful motivator, and a tremendous problem solver. It is easy for me to see how he has achieved the success he has had and I am sure he will bring continued success to himself and those associated with him.

Dan ScottInvestment AdvisorCascade Financial Management, Inc.