John Stob

It has been my pleasure to have known Greg since 1990. We were both Presidents/CEO’s of our respective company. As a leader, Greg leaves in his wake both results and people who have been on an adventure and are valued and who are ready for more. Whatever organization Greg is a part of, he gives it his all. Early in getting to know him, I was always impressed by how well he understood the nuances of the financial and accounting dimensions of business. Greg never thinks small. He always looks at ways of maximizing whatever organization he is a part of. He has a natural affinity for creating a vision and then being able to talk about it in such a way that people want to follow him to see that vision become a reality. He brings leadership – the kind that maximizes his team… A strong, steady leader. Any organization he is a part of is doubly blessed!

John StobPresident and CEOSpeedway Disposal & Recycling, Inc